Art Forces– Community Public Art & Media

Art Forces uses community public art and technology, including murals, websites, social and new media, to inspire critical thinking and action.

From the streets of San Francisco Bay Area on occupied Ohlone land to occupied Palestine, and beyond, the projects make visible histories and relationships that have been obliterated and forgotten, making connections to national and global issues of social justice, borders, precarity, migrations, and decolonization.

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Selected Murals & Projects 1987-2000

New Visions 1, 1987

20th and Folsom, SF CA, Acrylic on Wood, 24 x 60 ft
Directed by Susan Greene
Jane Norling
Eduardo Pineda
Eddy Hippley
Quam Quach
Vincent Jackson
Melody Lima
Michael Loggins

Special thanks
Creativity Explored of San Francisco
Ray Patlan
Dan Dereszynski
Morey Fox

Restored in 2004
By Miranda Bergman

Zellerbach Family Fund, SF Arts Commission
With gratitude- Lester Jones, John Santos
Destroyed 2006

new vision detail006
New Visions 1
Detail, Melody Lima with portrait by Susan Greene

Music and Flowers,1989. Destroyed 2014

Music and Flowers pre 2006_4

Susan Greene, Barry Hazard and Meera Desai
21st Street and Mission, SFCA

New Visions 2, 2006 (Update of Music and Flowers, 1989) Destroyed 2014

New Visions 2
Photo: Ana Adarve

21st and Mission, SFCA
With Creativity Explored of San Francisco
Mixed Media on Stucco
15 x 60 ft

Directed: Susan Greene

Peter Cordova
Charlotte Gage
Steven Geeter
Loren King
Walter Kresnik
Melody Lima
Nubia Ortaga
Sara O'Sullivan
Abel Pineda
Lance Rivers
Kenin Roach

Ana Adarve (MFA SFAI)
Christy Kay Lopes (MFA SFAI)
Jeremy Olson (BFA SFAI)
Nanda Palmieri (MFA SFAI)
Robin Ward (MFA SFAI)

Installation Enkheayar Shagdarguntev

Project YIELD- Youth in Education and Leadership Development, 1998-2000

Banners (3)

Banners on West Grand Avenue, Oakland CA

Project_Yield (1)Seekpeace

Murals on the community center, Chestnut Court, West Grand Avenue and Linden

Project YIELD  was an after school program of MOCHA - The Museum of Children's Art
Susan Greene- inaugural director 1998-2000
Chestnut Court, public housing on West Grand and Filbert, Oakland CA.
Programming included:
Martial Arts
Academic Support
Public Events

La Lucha Continua/The Struggle Continues~ a talking wall



La Lucha Continua / The Struggle Continues

a collaboration with Freedom Archives 

 "Call the Wall" at mural site
3260 23rd St - between Mission and Capp Streets in San Francisco.

At the mural site is a key of extension numbers.Dial 415.200.4587 followed by the
extension number OR download
 printable mural key here.

At Freedom Archive's Website you can interact with a photo of the mural above to learn more about each of the individuals portrayed and to hear an audio clip by or about them. Simply move your mouse over the desired individual and click. Or click on the name below.

My Home is Not a Suitcase and I Am No Traveler

The Palestinian village of Silwan, East Jerusalem, struggles against unrelenting dispossession by the Israeli occupation. In the summer of 2015, the Wadi Hilweh Center of Silwan invited a group of international artists, Art Forces, to collaborate on murals that record and reinforce the enduring idea of ‘home’, samud (steadfast resistance) and joint struggle.

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Bending Over Backwards

Bending Over Backwards (BOB) is a multi-site and multi-media permanent installation consisting of 2 dimensional murals of trapeze artists that each have an audio component and that are linked by audio/visual walking tours between the sites that reveal social, historical, political and environmental histories.Trapeze artists (painted on wood cut-outs and attached to the wall) are pictured in two neighborhoods of San Francisco, the Mission and SOMA, in an electrifying peak moment of their craft, embodying a mixture of whimsy, pathos and a sense of extraordinary possibility in their gravity-defying feat.

Bending Over Backwards explores the high wire act that thriving in today’s world can be, providing visual and audio metaphors for tenacious, exhilarating and daring flights made in the attempt to realize one’s dreams. The trapeze artists’ success is possible only with great discipline, communication, strength, teamwork, vision and humor; echoing some of the skills necessary for a viable life in late stage capitalism of the twenty first century. For example: there have been several installations of BOB which have not survived the onslaught of gentrification.  However, after a set of figures has been ‘disappeared’ another set of figures soon emerges.  The elements of time, history, memory and tenacity are embodied in these appearances and disappearances.


16th Street between Mission and Valencia, 2010. Audio program # 415.325.4774. Features a poem by the late Marilyn Buck and music by John Santos.



From SOMA to the Mission, Bending Over Backwards Walking Tour and Exhibit, 2013

With Shaping San Francisco and Performing Community, Group Show at Somarts, SF

Walking Tour Brochure and Map



9th Street and Harrison, SF CA


Performing Community Exhibit at SomARTS, SF CA



Community members adding their experiences and memories to the map.

Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural, Oakland CA, 2014



Clarion Alley Mural, 2006, destroyed 2009


Clarion Alley,  SFCA, 2006, Destroyed 2008